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Hair dye is more and more popular In daily life, in the choice of numerous color, the color that can arouse girl heart to be pink most, romantic pink like dream lets a person one eye deep-set among them, dye the pink with girl feeling dye-the-core, tender grace, pure and fresh and charming, the plait that collocation goes up all sorts of beauty be bored with is fashionable more.

pink2 - 5 Popular Braided hairstyles for pink long hair

the long hair reach to the waist, start from the middle with spiral perm design, to make girls more attrative. Such a spiral long hairstyle collocation on half rose braid hairstyle, absolutely beautiful and brilliant . The upper part of the hair woven with a whole rose , looks pretty and dreamlike, with the pink dye ,become more Pure and fresh and free from vulgarity .

pink3 - 5 Popular Braided hairstyles for pink long hair

The long hair is twisted and curled in a natural shawl. The upper part of the hair is woven into a Chinese knot, which is romantic and beautiful. This style of braiding is a tradition and an eternal classic

pink7 - 5 Popular Braided hairstyles for pink long hair

This kind of hairstyle is popular in recent years, a head of attractive hair can be naturally draped on the shoulders, the upper part of the hair braided design is very beautiful, coupled with the lower part of the braided hair collocation, it is simply too European and American style, combined with pink hair soft, warm like spring.

pink9 - 5 Popular Braided hairstyles for pink long hair

No matter when,pink  won’t go out of fashion.This kind of  hair color extremely easily can capture heart easily.The cure power of a long hair with dyed pink  is self-evident. With the long hair ponytail hairstyle that the heart braids hair design on collocation, bouffant and full modelling shows a girl the most romantic most pure one side comes out

pink4 - 5 Popular Braided hairstyles for pink long hair

Long hair dyed pink can make a girl look innocent and young.It’s beautiful enough to curl your hair slightly and let it loose.When paired with a beautifully braided floral braid, this will accentuate the purest, softer look of your hair. This simple braid is very popular and definitely a fashionable choice

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